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The environment in the baby room is designed to encourage discovery, exploration, creativity, problem solving and self-expression.

Primrose provides lots of active play and learning which encourage toddlers to explore and investigate.

These rooms provide a balance of child initiated play and adult led activities

Underpinning Theory

1. The Piagetian Theory

The child is viewed as an active participant in their learning. By following their own interests, the child becomes active in developing their understanding and knowledge of the world around them. Piaget wrote ‘the child is the chief architect of his own mental model of the world’.

2. The Vygotskian Theory

Recognises that play supports the development of higher order thinking in young children. The socio-cultural environment surrounding the child is also instrumental in their development. The role of the adult is important in providing support and ‘scaffolding’ the child’s learning.

3. The Steiner Waldorf Approach

The child’s development is holistic and children thrive in a calm, predictable and familiar environment. With this in mind we have developed our curriculum around a daily, monthly and yearly rhythm which reflects children’s interests as well as seasons and festivals throughout the year.

4. The Reggio Emilia Approach

The Reggio Emilia approach values relationships and creativity, the environment as the third teacher, time, learning & teaching and reflective practice. The child is viewed as ‘rich in potential, strong, powerful and competent’ (Thornton and Brunton 2009). The importance of recognising that children choose to represent their thoughts, ideas, knowledge, theories and learning in a myriad of ways is understood as ‘the hundred languages of expression’.

CETS Rates

Yoga and pilates classes are held in the community hall by qualified yoga and pilates instructor Liam Byrne→.

Pilates : Tues & Thurs 10am to 11am

Yoga : Wed & Fri 10am to 11am

Cost : €7 per session

To book, please call or text Liam at 0864082428.



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