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About St. Mogue's

What is St. Mogue's?

St. Mogue's is a company limited by guarantee. This means that we are a non-profit corporation run by community directors. Our registered charity number is 20055486, you can find out more about our charity status here.

Companies limited by guarantee (CLGs) are usually charities, sports clubs, social clubs, or management companies. The key aspect of a CLG being that members of the company are not shareholders and therefore will not make a profit from the company.

Our Aims

'To establish, promote and operate a community development programme, act as a focus and catalyst in the development of the communities of Ballymoney, Castletown, Coolgreany, Inch, Kilanerin, Tara Hill and surrounding areas with a view to promoting their social, economic and cultural welfare, and general benefit and particularly to empower specific disadvantage groups to effectively participate in programmes of personal and social development.'


St. Mogue's

St. Mogue's Rural Community Centre's history starts in the 1950s when a local community hall was built by a voluntary committee.

The committee incorporated as a limited company in December 2003, becoming St. Mogue's Rural Community Centre (CLG).

Childcare Centre

Childcare at St. Mogue's started in 2002 and was originally delivered in the community hall. But the centre received a capital grant from the government that allowed the construction of the current childcare building. This was opened in 2007 and allows for the care of up to 56 children at once.

Inch Multimedia Centre

The Inch Multimedia Centre was built from a shipping container. It contains two offices equipped with donated computers. The Multimedia centre at its height had three dedicated trainers. Currently the multimedia centre has two part time, accredited community employment tutors.

How You Can Get Involved

You can get involved with St. Mogue's Rural Community Centre CLG in the following ways:


F. Murray

R. O'Donnell

D. Moules

K. Kilkenny

External Links

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St. Mogue's: 20055486

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