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Computer Basics

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Course Description:

Computer Basics is designed to teach general, everyday computer confidence. After the 7 lessons, the student will feel ready to use their computer, smartphone or tablet for those vital, everyday jobs that most people take for granted.

This course is ideal for students with limited exposure to IT, those who don't feel confident in their IT skills, and those who need a general, but easy-going walk-through of tech skills.

We'll cover the most common computer tasks, explain and demonstrate the most popular sites, programs and apps, and teach you to be safe as you go.

Subjects Covered:

1. Navigating Your Device

2. Email

3. Online Shopping

4. Online Banking/Tax

5, Social Media

6. Computer Security

7. Basic Office Skills

As we want to teach you how to use your own devices, please feel free to bring your own laptop, tablet or smartphone to use during the planned lessons.


7 classes available. 1 hour per class.


Entirely up to the student. Though we suggest one class a week.


At the end of the class, you'll have gained confidence in using your technology and be knowledgeable in the common uses of your computer, smartphone or tablet.


€70 (€10 per class)

For more information on the Inch Multimedia Centre or how to book a course, please see the Computer Training home page.

More Information and Contact Details

For more information on the Inch Multimedia Centre, please see here. 

When booking this course, please let us know if you have any preferred software, app or websites you'd like to learn. (For example, during the online banking class, we can use your own bank's website during the demonstration etc..). 

Our contact details can be found here. 

Please Note:

For students who have a specific or urgent technology issue, you may be more interested in Tech First Aid.

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