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Course Description:

ECDL stands for the European Computer Driving License. A certification in ECDL proves the holder's computer literacy and skills, in the same way that holding a driving license proves that one can drive a car. 

ECDL is designed around Microsoft Office and Windows, and teaches the most important basic skills for an office workplace. 

Subjects Covered:

Essential Subjects


1. Computer Essentials

2. Online Essentials

3. Word Processing

4. Spreadsheets

Standard Subjects

(Choose 3 of the following)

5. Presentation

6. Database

7. Web Editing

8. IT Security

10. Online Collaboration

11. Image Editing

12. Data Protection


Around 10 hours per module.


The routine is flexible though we recommend 2-3 hours once per week. 


ECDL Certification


€580 for full ECDL (7 modules)

€380 for ECDL Profile (4 Essential subjects only)

(Plus optional mock exams at €5 each)

For more information on the Inch Multimedia Centre or how to book a course, please see the Computer Training home page.

More information:

For more information on ICS and ECDL please see:

ICS Skills➔


More Information and Contact Details

For more information on the Inch Multimedia Centre, please see here. 

​Our contact details can be found here. 

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