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Tech First Aid

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Course Description:

Tech First Aid is focused on the student's needs and issues. Come in with a computer problem or tech goal and we'll spend the hour walking you step-by-step through the solution. 

Subjects Covered:

You set the agenda. We'll help you with any computer, internet, app or tech problem you're stuck with.

Examples of previous problems we've solved in these sessions:

  • We've set up new tablets, phones, and computers.

  • We've changed settings on dashcams, MP3 players and fitness trackers.

  • We've taught how to send vital emails, set up email addresses, and how to find lost emails. 

  • We've demonstrated how to set up social media accounts, do online grocery shopping, and how to check the balance in a bin collection account. 


Standalone 1 hour sessions.


Come in whenever you need, as often as you need.


We'll solve your computer quandry, and teach you how to avoid the problem in the future.


€10 per session

For more information on the Inch Multimedia Centre or how to book a course, please see the Computer Training home page.

More Information and Contact Details

For more information on the Inch Multimedia Centre, please see here. 

When booking this course, please let us know what your particular issue is and how urgent it is. We can often fit you in on the same day.

Our contact details can be found here. 

Please Note:

For students who are looking for a more structured, generalized but still easy-going learning environment, you may be more interested in Computer Basics.

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