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Pre-school: 3 Years to 5 Years

About The Bluebell

and Lavender Rooms


Our pre-school rooms provide your child with an environment that encourages child-initiated play, investigation and exploration. There is a balance between child-initiated play and adult-led activities. Pre-school aged children need a continuation of an active leaning environment in which to pursue their interests and relationships with their peers. The environment in the pre-school rooms is divided into the following core provision and learning areas which are available throughout the day:

Core Provision
  •  Book/story area· Interest table

  •  Seasonal/Festival table· Home corner/Role play area

  •  Workbench· Puzzles and manipulatives

  •  Construction· Small World Play

  •  Montessori trays· Early Literacy activities

  •  Early Numeracy activities

Creative Area
  •  Painting easel 

  •  Drawing/mark materials

  •  Malleable materials (play dough, clay, stay soft, mala)

  •  Collage (including recycled and natural materials)

Sensory Activities
  •  Water

  •  Sand 

  •  Sensory tray

Daily Activities

Daily activities form part of the weekly rhythm:

  • Monday — Painting  

  • Tuesday — Drawing 

  • Wednesday — Baking 

  • Thursday — Modelling     

  • Friday — Cleaning

Adult-Led Activities

Story time and Circle time form part of the adult-led activities

Further Information

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Have a question? Here's our contact information.

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