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Childcare from 18 Months to 3 Years

About The Primrose Room


The needs of children under three vary greatly from those of the pre-school child. We recognise that at this stage of development, as with babies, they learn with their whole bodies and all their senses. It is what is known as the sensory-motor stage of development and describes the way in which the child gathers information and knowledge by using their senses and being physically active.

The type of environment that toddlers need is one that promotes active play and learning and in which they are encouraged to explore and investigate alongside supportive and interested adults. 

How We Nurture Your Toddler's Development

Children who attend this service will experience all of the following:

Core provision:

  •  Book/Story Area

  •  Seasonal/Festival Table

  •  Home corner/Role play

  •  Workbench

  •  Puzzles/Manipulatives

  •  Small world play

  •  Construction

  •  Montessori trays

  •  Early literacy and numeracy activities

  •  Objects for exploratory play

  •  Heuristic play sessions

  •  Story time

  •  Music and movement

Creative Play includes:

  •  Play dough/clay/mala

  •  Collage

  •  Drawing/mark making materials

  •  Watercolour painting

  •  Painting easel & painting activities

Sensory Play:

  •  Water

  •  Sand 

  •  Messy play

Daily Activities also form part of the daily rhythm:

  • Monday — Painting 

  • Tuesday — Drawing

  • Wednesday—Baking 

  • Thursday—Modelling

  • Friday—Cleaning

How We Communicate Your Toddler's Growth To You

Daily log to record your child’s:

  •  Sleep times

  •  Feeding

  •  Care routines

  •  Administration of medication

  •  Messages

Further Information

Want to book a place? Here's a handy booking form.

Have a question? Here's our contact information.

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