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4 Months to 18 Months

About The Fern Room


Our care and education of your baby is grounded in theory which recognises that from birth children are active and competent learners. They are pre-wired to be curious and to discover and learn about themselves and the environment.

It is hugely important for babies to have an early years practitioners who provides warm, emotionally satisfying, stimulating and reciprocal relationships.

The baby's motivation to learn is most effective in a child-centred, play-based environment. As such, your baby's daily and weekly rhythm in St Mogue's is largely determined by your child’s individual routine. The day comprises of playtime, feeding, care and sleep routines and outdoor play (once your child is up and walking).

How We Nurture Your Baby's Development

The environment in the baby room is designed to encourage discovery, exploration, creativity, problem solving and self-expression.

Play and Activities include:

  •  Books/stories

  •  Music movement/singing/musical instruments

  •  Sensory toys

  •  Construction toys

  •  Puzzles

  •  Small world toys

  •  Interactive toys

  •  Treasure Basket play

  •  Sensory/messy play (including paint, play dough, sand, water, gloop, etc.)

  •  Large motor equipment and activities

How We Communicate Your Baby's Growth To You

Daily logs to record your child’s:

  •  Sleep times

  •  Feeding

  •  Care routines

  •  Administration of medication

  •  Messages

See our page about how we document your child's growth to find out more.

Further Information

Want to book a place? Here's a handy booking form.

Have a question? Here's our contact information.

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