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Outdoor Play

St. Mogue's and Outdoor Play

At St. Mogue’s we understand value of outdoor play and we see the outdoor environment to be an essential teacher in each child's healthy development. Therefore, we have outdoor facilities that are as enriching, safe and focused on creativity as our indoor facilities.

How Outdoor Play Works at St Mogue's

We are committed to offering outdoor play on a daily basis. This means that we access the outdoor environment whatever the weather including rainy days. The childcare centre provides wet gear for each child and parents are asked to provide a warm waterproof coat, hat, gloves and wellie boots. Even when dressed for the outdoors your child’s clothing may get wet so they will need several changes of clothing.

The Benefits of Outdoor Play

Outdoor play provides children with opportunities for:

  • Movement that is essential for development within the brain and nervous system

  • Access to fresh air, nature and the natural environment

  • Exploratory and investigative play experiences

  • Undertaking challenges and learning about risk in a safe environment

  • Promoting a child’s self-esteem, mental and physical well being

  • Social interactions which enhance child—child and child—practitioner relationships

The Outdoor Facilities

The playground - which has fixed playground equipment and safety surface

The green area  - which includes two sandpits, playhouse, cycle path, large green area, log garden to encourage insects, a willow structure, flower gardens and storage for loose parts for exploratory and construction play

The sandpit area - which includes our large sandpit, the outdoor shelter, outdoor tap for water play and a decking area that houses our raised beds where we grow herbs and vegetables

The sensory garden - this area includes vegetable beds, sensory tyre garden, outdoor stage, art tables, weaving frame, outdoor tap for water play, two water highways, sensory boxes and tubs, sandpit and a music area including a large drum.

Further Information

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